Index of Shuttle Missions - A number of SGPS receivers have been flown on Space Shuttle missions, as well as standard equipment for Shuttles. This is an index of the missions with detailed descriptions, maintained by staff at Kennedy Space Center.

Introduction to GPS Applications - Introductory information about space applications and spaceborne receivers for GPS can be found at this site. It is maintained by John Beadles.

Jonathan's Space Report - This report is issued once a week, describing all space launched. It is maintained by Dr. Jonathan McDowell at the AXAF Science Center of Harvard University.

Navstar GPS Internet Connections - A number of texts describe the technical details of GPS and various Internet pages contain information about GPS links. This is one of the most comprehensive ones, designed and updated by Dr. Richard Langley at the University of New Brunswick.

Small Satellite Home Page - This page contains a large volume of information about small satellites and small satellite missions, including segment dedicated to GPS receivers on small satellites. This page is maintained by Alex da Silva Curiel at the University of Surrey.

Space Mission Acronym List and Hyperlink Guide - A very extensive list of space missions and hyperlinks to related information. This page is maintained by Gordon Johnston of the Office of Space Access and Technology, NASA.

German Space Operations Center DLR - GSOC provides GPS-based spacecraft positioning for a number of missions.

Encyclopedia Astronautica - Mark Wade provides an extremely comprehensive library of space active.

Due to the rapid developments in the field of spaceborne GPS and the aerospace industry in general, any comments, information or corrections pertaining to information on this site are welcome and encouraged.