Canadian Space Geodesy Forum

The   Canadian   Space  Geodesy  Forum  (CANSPACE)  is   a   computer-
communications-based  information dissemination and  discussion  group
that  was  established  in  1989 as an aid to improving  communication
among  scientists and engineers working with the techniques  of  space
geodesy. Messages consisting of news, comments, questions, and answers
are  exchanged  among forum participants by means of a LISTSERV  list.
LISTSERV  is  an electronic mail utility that allows a message  to  be 
"exploded"  (sent simultaneously) to a list of individuals  simply  by 
sending  the message to the list address. The address of the  Canadian 
Space Geodesy Forum is

Any  topic  related to the space geodetic techniques  (Navstar  Global
Positioning  System  (GPS),  GLONASS,  Galileo,  very  long   baseline
interferometry,  satellite laser ranging, satellite  altimetry,  etc.)
may  be  discussed. Questions are  particularly  encouraged.  The list
features daily postings of GPS satellite constellation status  reports
(Department of Defense Notice Advisories to Navstar Users) and reports
of significant solar and geomagnetic field activity. Information  con-
cerning  satellite launches is posted   regularly.  Although initially
intended  to  link  Canadian geodesists  and  geophysicists  together,
CANSPACE now has a wide  international  subscriber list and is open to

How to Subscribe
To  subscribe  to CANSPACE it is necessary for you to send  an  e-mail
message to (NOT  to  the CANSPACE address itself) with 
the following text in the message body:

SUB CANSPACE your name

Once  you are a subscriber, you may post a message to CANSPACE  simply
by  sending  the  message  to  The  message  will  be
automatically distributed.

Setting the Topics Option
CANSPACE  makes  use  of  the LISTSERV "topics"  option.  The  subject
headers  of  postings  optionally contain a  three-  or  four-  letter
designator. These designators are "topics" identifiers that allow  you
to specify which kinds of CANSPACE postings you would like to receive.
You  do  not  have to receive all postings from CANSPACE  --  you  can
select which groups you would like to receive.

At the moment, there are five topics:

DOD:   for  the  GPS Constellation Daily Status Report from USNO  (DoD
IPS:   for the geomagnetic warnings from IPS Radio and Space Services
TCG:   for the postings of Tables of Contents in Geodesy (journals)
CSIC:  for  the   postings  of the GLONASS status  reports  (including
       NAGUs)  from  the Coordinational Scientific Information  Center 
       of the Russian Space Forces
OTHER: for everything else that is posted to the CANSPACE list.

Initially, CANSPACE subscribers are automatically registered  for  all
five  topics.  If  you  wish to change the topics  to  which  you  are
subscribed, you will have to send an e-mail message to
(DO NOT SEND IT TO CANSPACE!). The form of the message is as follows:


xxxxx may be the list of all topics you wish to receive or one or more
topics  preceded by a plus sign (+) to add a topic to  or  a  negative
sign  (-) to drop a topic from your current list. For example, to drop
the DoD NANUs and keep the other topics, just send the following:


Signing Off from CANSPACE
To  remove  yourself  from  the list, send the  following  message  to


Message Archives
All  messages posted to the LISTSERV-based CANSPACE mailing  list  are
archived  in  monthly  notebooks. You can request  that  a  particular
notebook  be sent to you by sending a message  of  the
following form:


where YY is the year and MM the month. The file will be sent to you as
an  e-mail  message.  Warning: the notebooks may  be  several  hundred
kbytes in size.

Individual  archived   postings can be recovered using a  Web  archive
interface or the LISTSERV database function.

All of the postings in each monthly notebook (from the first of 8 June 
1989)  can  be  examined and the whole archive  can  be  searched  for 
particular  postings  using  keywords,  subjects,  dates,  and/or  the 
author's  address.  The URL of the CANSPACE Web archive  interface  is

Postings  can also be recovered using the LISTSERV database  function. 
Here is an example of how to use this function. To get an index of the
postings in the archives that contain,  for example, the word "launch" 
as  well as excerpts from the indexed postings showing the context  of 
the  search  term(s),  the body of a message sent  to 
should look like this:

   Search launch in CANSPACE

The result of the archive search will be sent back to you as an e-mail 
message.  You  can substitute any other words or phrase for  the  word 
"launch".  Phrases  should  be  enclosed  in  single  quotes. You  can 
retrieve the full text of particular postings from those identified in 
the search by following the instructions in the return e-mail message. 
To  find out more about the LISTSERV database function running on  our 
Unix  machine, consult the LISTSERV General User's Guide available  at

Other Information
UNB and CANSPACE maintain a Web-based  directory of GPS Receiver Manu-
facturers,  System  Integrators,   Equipment  Suppliers,  and  Service

Other related public  discussion  lists  maintained at UNB include GPS 
for Aviation  Discussion  Group  (GPS-AERO)  and  GPS  for Ionospheric 
Research (GPS-IONO).  For information on these lists, send the follow-
ing message to




CANSPACE  is maintained at the University of New Brunswick as  a  free
service  by  Richard Langley and Terry Arsenault. They can be  reached
directly  by e-mail addressed to or by phone at  (506)  453-
4698 or by fax at (506) 453-4943.

If  you  have  any  difficulties in accessing CANSPACE  or  want  more
information  on  the  use of LISTSERV facilities, consult  your  local
computer  communications resource person or contact the Department  of
Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering at UNB.

25  May  1991;  Revised 26 September 1991; Revised 16  December  1991;
Revised  6 March 1992; Revised 4 July 1992; Revised 15 February  1993;
Revised 1 December 1993; Revised 1 April 1994; Revised 6 August  1994;
Revised  20 August 1994; Revised 1 October 1994; Revised 2  May  1995;
Revised  17  November 1995; Reformatted 6 April 1996; Revised  1  July 
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